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Did you miss any of our talks with these amazing people? No problem! We have them here for you so you don’t miss anything and we’re sure you’ll want to be part of the next one!

Your Spring Guide to Landing a Job/Internship in 2024

Hear from this first-gen techie about how to navigate STEM spaces that help you get hired

Cultural competence as a superpower

How do you turn your passion on sports, gaming and other things into your dream job? Here’s a way to do it!!

The Blueprint for Transitioning Into Tech

A great conversation with one of our most authentic guests so far. We know you’ll love this chat and will see how, with the right formula, it’s possible for any of us to find our way into Tech.

Love Netflix? How to get a job there!

You wouldn’t believe it’s possible to have such an amazing and open conversation with one of the team building leaders at Netflix. We dare you to watch it and not fall in love with Cura!

Meet a Storyteller from Meta

Young, brilliant, and full of energy! Check out how Karla made her own path with a lot of ambition and chasing her goals one by one. You’ll love it!

Work and Mental Health

Curious about what makes for a healthy workplace and what might be some red flags? Please watch workplace health and wellness expert, Valeri Williams give us some tips and explain some questions we all have about what is toxic. 

Uncommon Careers: What is Market Research and is there a job for me?

If you missed our chat with Mario Carrasco, you’ll definitely want to check out this video and learn about an uncommon, yet incredible field! Plus,positive networking  effects of Cura. Talk it out with our community. 😉

How to Master the Art of Networking

Did you miss the inspirational Fireside Chat with Dino Barajas? You’ll want to hear this video and invitation to connect with him. This talk had us thinking BIG. Prepare to be motivated. 

3 Steps on How to

Get a Job in Tech

Did you ever wonder how people ended up working in amazing companies like Google, Apple, or Adobe? Check out this talk with an industry recruiter and find out how YOU could be their next hire!

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