I’m grateful that Crisis Text Line shares their platform with such talented Mental Health leaders and advocates. If you have time, join their live IG panels this week! (Schedule in link)

If not, here are my three key takeaways from what I have learned, so far,  to demystify the tough topics from this week: 

  1. Make a mental health crisis plan when you don’t need it, to prepare for when you do need it. (Template in link below)

  1. BiPOC communities are in greater need of breaking mental health stigmas with fewer resources; if you can volunteer, help or donate, please do so. As a Latina, I know the stigma in our communities runs deep. 

  1. We are all at a loss for words on how to check in with our friends, colleagues and family members sometimes. Use scripts and prompts. Don’t let “I didn’t know what to say” stop you from helping a friend in need.  (Prompts in the link below)  

World Mental Health Day Blog with resources (English/Spanish) 

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